Nurse’s Journal

The Nurse’s Journal is a therapeutic writing tool originally based on the research project Care for the Caregiver.In 2004, JKF created the Nurse’s Journal in response to the growing awareness of the challenges in the nursing profession that can lead to stress and burnout. These journals have been distributed to over 15,000 nurses from around the country. The Journal contains exercises that help nurses reflect on, and write about, work-related stress and personal issues that can affect their lives. It also includes before- and after- stress evaluation charts that enable nurses to assess their stress levels and note any changes after completing the journal exercises. This can help raise awareness of stress symptoms so they can be addressed in a timely manner. There are additional journal pages for free writing where nurses can write about whatever is on their minds.

In 2011-12, JKF partnered with Medstar Georgetown University Hospital through a generous grant from Prince Charitable Trusts. Several expressive writing workshop series were conducted at Georgetown and provided invaluable feedback which helped us to revise, revamp and refresh the Nurse’s Journal. We are excited about the new Nurse’s Journal and hope that it continues to serve as a tool for the hard-working nurses who do so much for all of us; and, who sometimes perhaps forget to take care of themselves.


The new Nurse’s Journal includes:

  • Background information on therapeutic writing
  • Inspirational quotes on writing
  • Stress evaluation
  • New guided writing suggestions
  • Journal pages for free writing
  • Words of wisdom and tips from nurses on coping with stress
  • Resources

Comments from nurses who have used the new journal

  • “I felt stressed at the beginning of writing and relaxed at the end.”
  • “I felt purged after writing in my journal.”
  • “I feel like I understand things better after I write them down.”


Stress Evaluation
Stress manifests itself in a wide variety of ways. You may not even be aware that some of the behaviors and emotions you experience are related to stress. Review the list of stress symptoms below, and mark how often you exhibited them within the last month.

Guided Writing: Balancing Life and Work
Does work-related stress affect your daily life? Does stress from home affect your work?

Journal Pages
The following pages are for you to write about anything that you want. Remember to go deep and really explore your thoughts and emotions.

Give the Nurse’s Journal as a special gift
The Nurse’s Journal makes for a is a terrific holiday gift for all the special nurses out there. Also, the journal can be the perfect token from hospitals to their nurses for Nurses Week, Patient Safety Week, or just because.

In Addition…
We recently released the Nurse’s Journal Guidebook—a tool to serve as a companion to the Nurse’s Journal. The guidebook provides step-by-step instructions for those who wish to facilitate writing workshops for nurses using the Nurse’s Journal.

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Bulk Orders

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Nurse’s Journal Partners

The following institutions have partnered with us to share the Nurse’s Journal with their nurses:

Columbia Memorial Hospital – Hudson, NY
Delmarva Foundation – Columbia, MD
Georgetown University Hospital – Washington, DC
Hancock Regional Hospital – Greenfield, IN
Hospital of Saint Raphael – New Haven, CT
Indiana State University – Terre Haute, IN
Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network – Bethlehem, PA
St. Anthony Memorial – Michigan City, IN
St. Mary’s Hospital – Leonardtown, MD
Summit Medical Center – Hermitage, TN
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Shadyside – Pittsburgh, PA
University of Virginia School of Nursing – Charlottesville, VA
West Virginia University Hospital – Morgantown, WV

Thank you for sharing this important resource with your nurses!

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