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Methods of Quality Improvement
Things Quality Improvement is NOT
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What is QI?
Quality Improvement is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to improve it. There are numerous models used. Some commonly discussed include:

  • FADE
  • PDSA
  • Six Sigma (DMAIC)
  • CQI: Continuous Quality Improvement
  • TQM: Total Quality Management

These models are all means to get at the same thing: Improvement. They are forms of ongoing effort to make performance better.

  • In industry, quality efforts focus on topics like product failures or work-related injuries.
  • In administration, one can think of increasing efficiency or reducing re-work.
  • In medical practice, the focus is on reducing medical errors and needless morbidity and mortality.

The first 3 models will be discussed in this module. For information on the other two, please select the relevant links above.


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