Measurement: Process and Outcome Indicators
Methods of Quality Improvement
Things Quality Improvement is NOT
Summative Experience

FADE Model in Action

Example: Back to John at the Sleep-E Motel: Using a FADE model John FOCUSed on the linens cycle of housekeeping. He ANALYZEd the way linens were handled and found that the laundering process seemed to be inefficient. He DEVELOPed a step-by-step process for washing, drying, folding, and storing the linens which he expected would speed up the process and eliminate wasted effort. He then EXECUTed the process with his staff and will EVALUATE for effectiveness on a weekly basis.

This is a cyclic process. Once you’ve made a change, you start all over again:

  1. You Evaluate the impact of your change
  2. You Focus down further
  3. You Analyze the problem to find the root cause(s)
  4. Then Develop methods for further improvement
  5. And Execute and Evaluate again!

Repeat the process until the goal is achieved.



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