Why Healthcare Quality Is An Issue
A Broken System
The Current State Of Affairs: Key Organizations In Healthcare Quality And Safety
Organizational Approaches To Improving Quality
Check Your Understanding
Incentives For Quality
Where Do We Go From Here? Vision For The Future


This module is designed to give health professionals an understanding of the historical development and current state of affairs in quality improvement (QI) and the patient safety movement.

The module will address:

  1. Why a focus on healthcare quality is a priority.
  2. Major events in the evolution of QI and patient safety.
  3. Individuals instrumental to the progress of healthcare improvement.
  4. Organizations that influence regulations, standards, and accreditation contributing to healthcare quality and patient safety.
Module Authors
Barbara Gregory, MPH
Victoria S. Kaprielian, MD
Maureen S. Velazquez, MBA


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Patient safety module series used with permission from Duke University
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