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Josie King Care Journals in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit I am pleased to share an article that was published in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality (JNCQ),July/September 2013 – Volume 28 – Issue 3. The JNCQ is a “peer-reviewed journal that provides practicing nurses as well as nurses who have leadership roles in nursing care quality programs with useful information… the journal offers a forum for the scholarly discussion of “real world” implementation of quality activities.” The article, Implementation of the...

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Christmas in April at the Josie King Foundation April is an especially exciting month at the Josie King Foundation.  For me it is a little bit like Christmas. It is that time of year when little treats arrive in the mail, big manila envelopes filled with letters and reflection papers from nursing students who have read my book, Josie’s Story. Most of the students are about to embark on their careers. In their letters they tell me the impact that Josie’s Story has had on them not only as future caregivers but also in their lives. These...

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HIPAA-Its Negative Influence on Mental Health Care?

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I recently received this letter about HIPAA from a husband who believes it played a role in his wife’s death. I was saddened to read his letter, but grateful to him that he is speaking out in order to do something to improve health care in his wife’s memory. With his permission, we are sharing it with you- the patient safety community- to generate discussion. We would love to hear your thoughts. Sorrel and the Josie King Foundation Hi Sorrel: Nearly three years ago, my wife took her life shortly after an anti-depressant prescription change....

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Guest Blogger – “I Want More”

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Hello everybody- Last month, Sorrel visited the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine to speak to a group of medical students. It was a terrific visit, and we wanted to share a med student’s perspective on Sorrel’s visit. First year med student Syed Gillani shares some interesting thoughts. Thank you, Syed! I want to tell you the story of a little girl named Josie King. She had a whole life ahead of her that was drastically cut short due to medical error. Today, she would have been in middle school thinking about her next...

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Donating One’s Body to Science

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Hello everybody,Lately we’ve been thinking about progress in health care- how advanced medical care has become, how we still are working towards even more advancement (particularly with regard to safety improvements), how we got to the point where we are. Knowing that there are a multitude of roads that got us to this point (i.e., evidence-based medicine and its application in the clinical setting, biotechnology, the list goes on and on…), we’ve recently become interested in the medical advances engendered when volunteers...

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A New Meaning for Halloween

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I don’t particularly like Halloween. I never really have. The candy makes everyone feel sick; the pumpkin carving is difficult even when you have the special little tools; and the costumes- it’s just too hard to decide what to be. Three of my children- the teenagers- luckily have sort of outgrown it, except now instead of having to worry about costumes I have to worry about what they are doing as they run around the neighborhoods with a bunch of other teenagers at night. Eight-year-old Sam is still into the trick-or-treat thing....

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A Morning with Blue Cross Blue Shield Executives

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Last week I spent the morning in Chicago at the Blue National Summit of the national Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. This conference was unlike any previous conference that Blue Cross Blue Shield had put together. In the past, each separate entity of the Blues- the account people, the marketing people, the information technology people- would have their own separate conference. This year, however, the Blues decided to mix it up. They decided to bring everyone together- 1,100 executives from varying backgrounds all under one roof for a...

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Patient Journal App Now Available, Created for You by the Josie King Foundation

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I am so happy to make this wonderful announcement- The Josie King Foundation presents the Patient Journal App, a tool for your iPhone that you can use to record important information related to a hospital stay. Please take your iPhone out of your pocket and go to the Apple iTunes Store. Search for “Patient Journal” or “Josie King” and there it is. (You can also go directly to the app via this link: You will recognize the pretty Josie King Foundation logo. Go ahead and download...

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Summer Jobs

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Summer Jobs

This summer has been a big work summer for my four children and their nine cousins. I’d like to say it is because their parents have instilled in them a good, firm work ethic, but the truth of the matter is that I think it is all due to their beloved and very generous grandfather (my father) Pop Pop. At the beginning of the summer, Pop Pop sent a letter to each of his grandchildren telling them the importance of summer jobs and saving money. Pop Pop is wise enough to know that simply saying “get a job” does not always translate into getting a...

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A Thank You to Nurses

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[Sorry for the delay in getting this up. We ran into some problems with Blogger, our blog host. Thanks for understanding!]Over the years throughout my journey into the health care industry I have been lucky enough to meet hundreds of nurses, maybe even thousands. Sometimes they pick me up at airports and drive me back to their hospitals. They give me hospital tours, taking me from floor to floor, introducing me to their nurse friends along the way. I have lunch with them. We sit in meetings together. Most of the time I meet them at patient...

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