Every now and then, I get emails from people who are in the middle of implementing Condition H, and would like to talk with other healthcare professionals who have participated in a Condition H implementation.

For example, here are some good questions we recently received from Wisconsin:

  1. What barriers, if any, did you experience from physicians and staff when implementing Condition H? How did you overcome them?
  2. How do the nurses and medical staff react when the family or patient calls Condition H? Were there any feelings of guilt (i.e., “I failed the patient”) or resentment? What resources are available for staff to debrief after a Condition H call?
  3. How many calls do you get from patients or families per month? How many have been appropriate vs. inappropriate?
  4. How willing were the physicians to do this? If there were any negative attitudes, how were they overcome?
  5. If you have both staff-activated rapid response teams and patient- and family-activated rapid response teams, are the teams the same or do you have unique teams for both?

Are there any Condition H veterans out there who would be open to talking to colleagues in the early stages of implementation?

If you are interested, I encourage you to post below or email me at awesol@josieking.org to volunteer.

I will also set up a discussion page on our forum “Connecting with Others”.




(Edit, February 15, 2016, We now refer you to please visit our Facebook page to connect with others healthcare professionals)