Hello everybody,

Lately we’ve been thinking about progress in health care- how advanced medical care has become, how we still are working towards even more advancement (particularly with regard to safety improvements), how we got to the point where we are. Knowing that there are a multitude of roads that got us to this point (i.e., evidence-based medicine and its application in the clinical setting, biotechnology, the list goes on and on…), we’ve recently become interested in the medical advances engendered when volunteers donate their bodies to science. Thanks to these donors, researchers can discover causes (and potentially cures) for diseases and medical students gain essential first-hand knowledge of the human body.
It seems like we don’t hear enough of these donors’ stories.
Have you considered donating your body to science? Why or why not? We would love to learn from your reasons. If you would like to share your story, please email me at awesol@josieking.org, or post a comment.