Summer! It’s time for baseball and barbecues and vacations, but here at the Josie King Foundation it’s also time to refresh our blog. We want to be a continually useful resource for you, filled with new, helpful information and various ways to connect to the patient safety community. To better serve your needs, we’ve decided to add a second blogger to the mix. 

This is where I enter the picture.
My name is Andrea Wesol, and I’ve been working with Sorrel and Tony for almost four years now. It’s been a true pleasure to help them grow the Foundation and expand the scope of the work done in Josie’s name. It’s also been rewarding to communicate with you- the patients, families and medical professionals who write to us. I am most often the first point of human contact that most people have with the Josie King Foundation, and it’s a role that I enjoy tremendously. I’ll still be the one responding to your inquiries and ideas about the DVD of Sorrel’s speech, Care Journals, Condition H, etc., so keep those emails coming. I do look forward to having the new medium of the blog to interact with you and generate public discussions about the patient safety topics that make this work so interesting.
Fear not- Sorrel will still be contributing to the JKF Blog. For you sports fans out there, think of me as the play by play announcer, and Sorrel as providing color commentary.
You can expect to find more frequent blog posts, so please bookmark this site and come back regularly to check out or contribute to the conversations. I encourage you to leave comments and questions about the blog after each entry, and you can always email me on any patient safety topic at
More soon,