7-Day Care Journal mini

The Care Journal mini is the newest Journal release. Recognizing that hospital stays are often short, but still chaotic and stressful, we re-crafted the 30-Day Care Journal into a seven (7) day mini journal.

The Care Journal mini is a tool to help patients and their loved ones record the details of the medical care and/or hospital stay. Hospitalization can be an overwhelming experience; in addition to the stress of being faced with health challenges, there is also the added stress of having to keep track of new and important information. The Care Journal mini was designed to help patients manage this information.

Seven daily journal entries include prompts that take the guesswork out of what information one might need to remember.

Prompts include:

  • Parking place
  • Names of medical team on duty
  • Daily goals
  • Medications
  • Surgery/procedures
  • Diet
  • Questions to ask

We understand how journaling or just ‘jotting down thoughts’ can be helpful, so we have included 2 pages of lined paper for Daily Thoughts.

The Journal begins with a brief description of how to use it, followed by quick tips to help you manage your hospital stay, an area for important names and numbers, and a list of current medications (prescriptions, over the counter and herbal/vitamins/supplements). It closes with a section about discharge and follow up care (medications, activity level and diet), along with a place to jot down follow up appointment times and several pages for notes at the end. The Care Journal mini is 5.5″ x 5.5″ and easy to place in a purse or large pocket.

If you are a hospital

There is often a disconnect that exists between patients and their caregivers. The Josie King Foundation’s goal in creating the Care Journal mini is to help bridge this gap. Often when a caregiver sees a patient or a patient’s loved one taking notes they view it as a threat, when in reality, the patient is just trying to stay organized.

When the hospital hands the patient or the patient’s loved one a Care Journal mini upon admission it sends a positive message—“Here is a gift from us to you. We encourage you to keep track of information and to ask questions and most of all we invite you to partner with us in your care.

Our goal is for hospitals to partner with us in the Care Journal Campaign by making a donation to the Foundation. In return we will provide journals for the hospitals to present to their patients as a gift.

Is your organization interested in including a special message to your patients along with the Care Journal mini? We have designed an optional label template to help with this. The label can be customized with your logo, and then placed at the back of the Care Journal mini.

We invite hospitals and medical practices to join us as Care Journal Partners.

If you are a patient
It is our hope that anybody who needs a Care Journal mini obtains a Care Journal mini. The Josie King Foundation will ship a Care Journal mini to any patient who needs one. If you find the Care Journal mini to be a helpful resource, we ask that you share the Care Journal mini with others, or make a donation of your choice to the Josie King Foundation. We welcome donations of any amount. The money raised from the Care Journal minis goes to support innovative patient safety programs throughout the country.

Please email carejournal@josieking.org to request a Care Journal.

For More Information

If you would like to order Care Journals or learn more information about bulk order pricing, please email: carejournal@josieking.org

Shipping time for bulk orders is one week.