Josie King Foundation Patient Safety Screensaver

At the 2014 Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) National Forum, I had an interesting conversation with a healthcare provider who was attending the conference.

“That picture is my screensaver,” she said, referring to the photograph of Josie and her siblings on the front cover of Josie’s Story. I asked her why confused as to why anyone would ever use that picture as their screensaver.

She looked at me and said, “I’m a pharmacist.” It was then that I slowly began to realize that the power and the impact of Josie’s life were more far-reaching than I had imagined. That simple image of her standing on a bench with her three siblings, looking directly into the camera, into the eyes of the viewer, and now into the eyes of this pharmacist was actually reminding this pharmacist of the importance of patient safety every day, perhaps multiple times a day.

I decided that the Josie King Foundation should design a special graphic specifically for all of the wonderful healthcare providers who have come to know and be inspired by Josie over the years. Thank you to the pharmacist (I wish I knew your name) whose idea this was. This is for you and the rest of the healthcare industry to remind you of the important patient safety work you do each day.

Thank you,

Sorrel King

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