Josie King Hero Award

Sorrel had the honor of presenting Peter Pronovost with the very first Hero Award. Peter has worked tirelessly for many years on the patient safety front. He has inspired healthcare providers not only throughout the United States but also around the world to create a culture of patient safety. Peter’s work continues to transform the healthcare industry making it better for us all. Peter is a hero to so many.

Who are the Josie King Heroes in your organization?
The Hero Award was created by the Josie King Foundation to be given to those who work hard to create a culture of patient safety – by listening to the patient/family; encouraging them to speak up and ask questions; improving communication; improving teamwork; looking for the good catches (near misses) and fixing those near misses before they harm a patient. These awards are for those who set an example for others every day and who inspire positive change.

What is the Josie King Hero Award?
Thanks to so many amazing Josie King heroes in hospitals around the country, the first through fourth limited editions of the Josie King Hero Award artwork have sold out. We are pleased to announce the launch of the fifth limited edition of the Josie King Hero Award. We decided to use the foundation’s colors of brown, green, and white in this new layout. These colors symbolize safety, health, security, protection, and support which represent some of our core messages. Like previous editions, each giclee watercolor print is set in a simple clear block frame. Abstract copy flows across the washed background – and a thank you message from the Josie King Foundation to the hero recipient is beautifully printed on the back.

Series 5 – Limited Edition of 300

Series 5 Hero Award Front
Series 5 Hero Award Back

The message on the back of the award reads:

Thank you for all that you do each day as you care for patients and their families.

Thank you for listening to them and for answering their questions when they are confused and afraid.

Thank you for being brave and for never being afraid to speak up when something does not seem right to you. 

Thank you for looking for the near misses finding them and fixing them so that your patients will never be harmed. Thank you for the good catches. Thank you for inspiring others to be the best.

By working hard to improve communication and teamwork you create a culture of patient safety, which is making a difference.

Thank you for being a hero ~ The Josie King Foundation

How to recognize/reward the Josie King Heroes in your organization
Hospitals, nursing/medical schools, and other organizations can make a donation to the Josie King Foundation. They will then receive either monthly (12 awards), quarterly (4 awards), or a single (1 award), whatever best fits their needs. The organization will then determine which caregivers are the patient safety heroes of their team. Organizations can decide upon the most meaningful and fun way for the awards to be given to the recipients. This is a great way to celebrate their dedication to improving the culture and to encourage others to do the same, along with providing a boost in morale.

Why did we create the Josie King Hero Award?

I (Sorrel) have come in contact with so many hospitals and caregivers who are doing such amazing patient safety work. We wanted to offer an award that was unlike any other healthcare award – a work of art that had meaning, was whimsical and beautiful (I got really tired of seeing ugly healthcare awards). We wanted to create something that every caregiver would be proud to receive.

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Partnering with MedStar Health to present Josie King Hero Awards

Josie King Hero Award Pins

The Josie King Hero Pins were created for any and all healthcare providers who share their good catch story with the patient safety/quality team at their hospital.  The idea is to help provide a culture where caregivers are recognized and rewarded for finding the near misses, reporting them and fixing them. The Josie King Hero pins are our way of thanking you for creating a culture of patient safety. We hope you wear this very special pin proudly on your lapel.

Dimensions: 3/4 x 1/2″ Bulk pricing available 

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Suggested Donations (as always JKF will do our best to help fit the needs of your budget)

  • Hero Award every month:
    12 awards – $900.00 plus shipping & handling
  • Hero Award each quarter:
    4 awards – $350.00 plus shipping & handling
  • Hero Award:
    1 award – $100.00 plus shipping & handling

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