Josie King Necklace

The Josie King Foundation is happy to offer one of our prettiest projects of all — The Josie Necklace — a reminder of all things positive.

The whimsical leaf is the symbol of the Josie King Foundation. It represents the desire to promote positive change – change in patient care, change in the health care industry and change in ourselves.


The Josie Necklace
The hand cast sterling leaf hangs delicately from a 16″ double sterling chain.

The Josie Necklace is a wonderful way to recognize those special care givers who find the good catches, who spend the extra time engaging patients and families, and who work hard to promote a culture of safety. They are a great gift for Nurse’s Week, Patient Safety week or for yourself knowing that all proceeds support the Josie King Foundation so that we can continue to create projects and programs which promote positive change.


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Suggested Donation: Silver neclkace $75.00

To order (bulk orders available) please contact: