The Josie King Story – Video

The power of a story

The Josie King Story DVD is used to inspire caregivers, educators, and students around the world to create a culture of safety.

How the Program Came to Be

In 2001, Sorrel King addressed the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) conference. It was the first time Sorrel had spoken publicly about the medical errors that led to Josie’s death. Dr. Charles Denham of the Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT) was in the audience and happened to record Sorrel’s speech. Dr. Denham and TMIT generously produce DVD copies of the speech.

Program Description

The Josie King Foundation distributes The Josie King Story DVDs upon request. Organizations requesting a copy of the DVD typically donate $250 to the Josie King Foundation. These donations are used to fund innovative patient safety programs throughout the country. Education officers and meeting planners use the DVD to enhance presentations on patient safety.

Goals for the Program

“The Josie King Story” is used to inspire caregivers and hospital administrators to take up the cause of patient safety in their daily work.

Why It Makes Sense

The human cost of medical errors can easily be overlooked within a training on patient safety. The Josie King Story showcases a mother who asks medical professionals to look, listen, and communicate to create a culture of patient safety.

Who Else Is Implementing

Over 1,200 healthcare institutions around the world use The Josie King Story as a training tool to emphasize the importance of communication and teamwork in patient safety. The speech has been translated into Spanish and Hebrew.

For More Information

The Josie King Story video is available as a physical DVD or as a streamed video.

To stream the video please visit: Stream The Josie King Story

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The Josie King Foundation accepts tax-deductible donations to help support innovative patient safety programs across the country. The suggested donation is $250. There are two easy ways to make your donation to the Josie King Foundation:

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