Hello again-

The rejuvenating tips from nurses on how to cope with work-related stress keep rolling in. I just wanted to share the latest bits of advice with you.
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“I de-stress by dancing at least once or twice a week. I love dancing – it is something that helps keep me sane and gives me something to look forward to outside of work. One tip for work stress: Don’t take things personally. If a patient/colleague/family member/MD snaps at you, it’s not you – they are stressed out too. I find laughing defuses the situation – it helps them relax. It also prevents me from getting angry – which would just escalate the situation. Yeah, don’t take things personally is the best advice I’ve been given. I also vent to my nursing colleagues – it helps to know that other people are sharing your pain.” – C. Rae
“Take a moment everyday to reflect on what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what you can do better tomorrow.
Always take a moment to take a deep breath when the world is moving quickly by you and you can’t keep up. Who knows your speed might be what everyone should be moving at throughout the day.
Baking fresh treats for your co-workers is the best medicine and always makes a nurse’s day brighter.” – Sheryl C., RN, MSN, Washington, DC
“I find that in order to care well for others, I must first take care of myself. Without my health, I wouldn’t have the strength to perform the hard work nursing requires. Daily exercise and good nutrition are essential to helping me cope with stress. I love group fitness classes, weightlifting, and ‘clean’ eating!
I also set aside one night a week to relax and have a date night with my husband.” – Kathryn A., BSN, RN, South Lyon, MI
“As a NP I try to remember to always thank everyone for helping me to help my patients. It really is a group effort. And thanking people is a great way to defuse stress as it makes people feel appreciated. Surprising the staff every once in awhile with cookies or another treat goes a long way to making people feel appreciated. Praying with patients and staff is a great way to lessen stress.” – Kimberly B., MSN, CRNP, Pittsburgh, PA
“I know that it sounds sappy but…I try to appreciate all the good things, my family, my health, my job, etc. I don’t want to be in the position (like some of my patients and families) of having regrets (the could of, should have syndrome) in life. I am not waiting for retirement to care for myself, to tell my husband or children that I love them, or to just be in the moment. Life will probably always be too short but my glass is more than 1/2 full.” – Maureen
“I find good friends to be the best stress relief. I love my coworkers and we go out regularly to debrief about work and personal lives. I also value my non-nurse friends that I don’t talk about work with. They help me remember there is more to life.” – Anonymous
“We go through so much each day. I have been a nurse for many years, most in the Baltimore area. What really helps me is thinking about how the families and patients feel, particularly after losing a child. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the technology and what we have to get done each shift. However, when I start feeling that way, I think, if this was my family, how would I feel and what can I do to make it better. That is how I cope.” – Joanne M., RN, MSN, NE-BC, FABC, Newark, DE