Josie King Foundation

On February 22, 2001, eighteen-month-old Josie King died from medical errors.

More than 250,000 people die every year from medical errors, making it the third leading cause of death in the United States.

The Josie King Foundation’s mission is to prevent patients from dying or being harmed by medical errors. By uniting healthcare providers and consumers, and funding innovative safety programs, we hope to create a culture of patient safety, together.


Our Solutions

to help create a culture of patient safety

Nurse’s Journal Guidebook

Creating camaraderie for our nurses

The companion to the Nurse’s Journal has arrived. This step-by-step guidebook provides instructions for those who wish to lead a writing workshop or a lunch and learn session. Bring your nurses’s together and show them how much you care.

Caregiver’s Journal

Helping caregivers deal with stress.

We created this Nurse’s Journal “spin-off” in response to requests for a journal that could be used by all types of caregivers. This tool was designed to help caregivers navigate through work-related and personal matters that affect their lives.

For the Heroes in Healthcare

Improving communication, improving teamwork

The Josie King Hero Award is a beautiful work of art which recognizes those who work hard to create a culture of patient safety, inspire positive change and set an example for others every day.

Josie King DVD

The power of a story

The Josie King Story DVD is used to inspire caregivers, educators and students around the world to create a culture of patient safety.

Patient Safety Screensaver

For all healthcare professionals ~ an every day reminder

An inspiring patient safety screensaver created by the Josie King Foundation for all healthcare professionals to remind them each day of the important patient safety work that they do.

Josie’s Story: A Patient
Safety Curriculum

Calling all patient safety educators

Josie King Foundation partnered with educators at Duke University School of Medicine, to create a 16-week long patient safety curriculum that can be used in part or as a whole.

Josie’s Story

Josie’s Story, written by Sorrel King, is used as an educational tool in the healthcare industry.

A memoir about Josie, the medical errors that led to her death, the family’s struggles to deal with their grief, Sorrel’s foray into the health care industry as a patient safety advocate, and the safety improvements that have come about in Josie’s memory.

More about Josie’s Story

JKF is so happy that Josie’s Story has reached Japan. Thank you to our friends at Eiji Press, Inc. for doing such a great job in helping us bring her message to Japan and its healthcare industry. Purchase Japanese copy of Josie’s Story

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From the Experts

Dr. Peter Pronovost

Understanding the Science of Safety

Early on in this movement, a gap in the quality of care delivered to patients was recognized. In particular, only half of patients receive evidence-based therapies known to improve their care. To the contrary, we know caregivers and hospitals are dedicated to saving lives, curing illnesses, and reducing patient suffering from chronic conditions. So why are patients still suffering preventable harm?

Lori Paine, RN

Demands on caregivers are greater now than ever.

Why do studies suggest that handwashing habits among healthcare workers are woefully lacking? Why do we continue to see medication errors and patient falls? Why are communication failures responsible for the majority of sentinel events reported to the Joint Commission? Why do we see mistakes that could have been caught with simple cross-checks?

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