What is a Chart Audit?
Purposes of the Chart Audits
Chart Audits in Quality Improvement
Planning a Chart Audit
Questions to Consider
How to Conduct an Audit
Check Your Understanding
Using Results for Quality Improvement

What is a Chart Audit?

A chart audit is an examination of medical records (electronic and/or hard copy), to determine what has been done, and see if it can be done better.


One day a provider in the Sleepytown Community Health Center (SCHC) sees several patients complaining of prolonged cough. Three of them have had Tuberculin skin tests (a.k.a. PPDs) placed in the past few months, but there’s no record in the charts of readings for these tests. How could he or she figure out if this was just an unusually bad day, or if there’s a systematic problem in the office?




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Patient safety module series used with permission from Duke University
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