Josie King Nursing Awards

For 2011, the Josie King Foundation is partnering with the American Nurses Foundation to award a $10,000 research grant to a nurse-led project focusing on improving patient safety. Details on the program and submission guidelines are available at the American Nurses Foundation website. Applications are due to the American Nurses Foundation on May 2, 2011.


The Josie King Grant, established in 2007, is awarded to support nursing studies that focus on improving patient safety and reducing harm. The grant was established by the Josie King Foundation to support a nurse-led study focused on patient safety. The grant recognizes the important contribution of nursing to patient safety.Awarded in 2007 – 2009, the Josie King Grant at the Johns Hopkins Hospital supported studies conducted by nurses from The Johns Hopkins Hospital. These studies, which may involve Hopkins patients, focused on nursing interventions designed to improve safety. The design of the project should focus on one or more of the 2007 National Patient Safety Goals. These goals include patient identification, communication, medication safety, health-care-associated infection, medication reconciliation, reduction of harm from falls, patient involvement, and suicide risk.More details about the individual awards will be posted upon completion of the research projects. In the meantime, we wish the research teams the best of luck, and look forward to the results.

  • 2007 – Partnering with Obstetrical Patients and Their Families to Improve Patient Safety
  • 2008 – Falls Reduction through Exercise in a Psychogeriatric Population
  • 2009 – Examining and Reducing Distractions and Interruptions During Medication Administration: A Translation Study

In 2010, the Josie King Foundation partnered with the American Nurses Foundation to take the nursing research in patient safety award to a national level. Rebecca Wheeler, MA, BNS, RN of Emory University was awarded the grant for her proposed study Internationally-Educated Nurses’ Perceptions of Agency.

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