Lewis, A. (2007, February 4). What ails hospitals is silence. The Denver Post.

Retrieved February 4, 2007
A bill has been introduced to give health care workers whistle-blower protection.
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Rice, B. (2006, January 20). Is Whistleblowing worth it? Medical Economics.

Retrieved February 2, 2006
Doctors who are reporting patient safety problems are often deemed “disruptive.”
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Smith, T. (2006, December 4) Infected at the hospital. Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Retrieved December 4, 2006
Virginia law is now requiring that acute-care hospitals report hospital acquired infections.
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Zitrin, R. (2007, February 8) Secrecy’s dangerous side effects. The Los Angeles Times.

Retrieved February 9, 2007
Many legal settlements allow large companies to conceal mistakes.
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