Legal Issues

Brady Shea, K. (2006, June 30). Malpractice suit settled in Chesco. Philadelphia Inquirer.

Retrieved July 1, 2006
Brandywine Hospital in Pennsylvania settles a malpractice lawsuit.
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Carman, D. (2005, February 6). Son’s death personalizes tort reform. Denver Post

Retrieved February 12, 2005
Following the death of their son Michael, the Skoinik set about to educate that malpractice suits are not about money, but rather accountability.
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Gerencher, K. “U.S. health costs highest: malpractice no factor: study”. MarketWatch. July 2005.

Retrieved July 16, 2005
Malpractice lawsuits seem to have little to do with the high costs of health insurance.
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Lowes, R. (2003, July 25). Malpractice: Do other countries hold the key? Medical Economics.

Retrieved January 13, 2005
The author suggests that we should turn to legal practices in other countries for more effective malpractice trial outcomes.

Smith, T.  (2006, December 4) Infected at the hospital. Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Retrieved December 4, 2006
Virginia law is now requiring that acute-care hospitals report hospital acquired infections.
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Warren, E. (2005, February 9). Sick and broke. Washington Post.

Retrieved February 12, 2005
Each year about 2 million Americans are facing medical bankruptcy. Rates of hospital acquired infections are on the rise in LA County, but confidentiality laws prevent patients and families from learning the names of the hospitals involved.
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