For Caregivers

Suggestions on How to Incorporate Basic Patient Safety Techniques into Your Daily Work
1. Listen to the patient and the family.
2. Listen to each other.
3. Consider implementing a patient- and family-activated rapid response team at your institution. We can help you get started.
4. Encourage your patients and their families to write down the healthcare information they receive.
5. Develop and practice communication skills. National Quality Forum and TMIT’s Monthly Webinar Series
NQF and TMIT host a monthly webinar series (plus additional resources and continuing education credit) on issues related to patient safety. Click here to learn more about the series, register for the next webinar, or review the webinar archive.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
AHRQ’s 10 patient safety tips for hospitals can be read here. Institute for Family-Centered Care
The Institute for Family-Centered Care has an assortment of materials to help caregivers incorporated family-centered safety practices into their clinical work.


Not on My Watch
A website sponsored by Kimberly-Clark focusing on preventing healthcare-acquired infections.

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