Thanks for visiting us at the Josie King Foundation’s new and improved home on the web. I encourage you explore the various areas of the site, and also to send us your opinions on the site. As we worked to create this website, we were guided by the hundreds and hundreds of e-mails that I have received from patients, families, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, medical students, and nursing students.

These e-mails came from all corners of the world and covered an enormous range of thought and emotion, but all had one thing in common- a passionate interest in and commitment to improving patient safety. These e-mails come from people like me who have been affected by medical errors in one form or another and are looking for ways to make their hospital safer.

This new website responds to your needs. It is a place that provides help and information. A place where people can learn from experts in the field. A place to find the latest and most helpful websites, books, and articles about issues related to patient safety.

The new website also fulfills a vital need of the Foundation- to share information about the successful patient safety programs that we have supported. Good things are happening in patient safety all over the country. We want to help spread the word so that these good things take root and replicate in new places where the need is dire.

We also wanted the site to be a place where people could connect with others. Why should the interesting, wonderful, and sometimes heartbreaking e-mails come just to my inbox? Wouldn’t it be great to pass them along so that thousands of others can read, react and connect? Maybe by creating this online community, doctors, nurses, and families can come together and solve problems or help each other.

I think this website will achieve some of those goals. It will continue to evolve as we react to your ideas and the progress shaping patient safety as a field. We would really love your feedback- good or bad. It all helps.