Boston Marathon 2015

Picking Up the Pace for Patient Safety-Boston Marathon 2015 –
fundraiser for the Josie King Foundation

April 25,2015

To Friends of the Josie King Foundation,

Thank you so much for supporting the Josie King Foundation as we “Picked up the Pace for Patient Safety” at the Boston Marathon. It was a cold, windy and rainy day. Knowing that I was running for the Josie King Foundation and that so many wonderful people had supported me/JKF made the wind, the rain and the pain a little less miserable.

To date, the race has raised almost $40,000 and the donations are still trickling in. Your support will enable the Josie King Foundation to ramp up our mission as we continue to partner with hospitals, medical/nursing schools to make medical care safer.

Thank you again for the kind donation. Your support meant so much to the Josie King Foundation, to my family and to me.

Many thanks,

Sorrel King

boston_marathon_250 At-the-finish-line-IMG_1_250x
Athletes village, Sorrel and Perry at Boston marathon start — Getting ready to run for a mission (note the awesome Josie King Foundation T-shirts) Sorrel and Perry at the Boston marathon finish line. 26.2 miles…almost to $40,000 and still coming in for the Josie King Foundation.

Article from the Boston Herald

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Boston Marathon race day morning

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Boston Marathon 2015

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